mendelson opensource OFTP2 1.0 b39 released

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Hello all,

we have released a new version of the mendelson OFTP2 community edition. These are the release notes:

*The ${original_filename} parameter was added to the event after it was sent.
*The ${transmissionid} parameter was added to the event after it was sent.
*The status bar of the client has been revised
*The system now checks if a mendelson test key is used for TLS - then a configuration problem is displayed in the UI
*The dialog for summarizing the status of a transaction has been revised: You can now directly see the status with the problem without
having to look at the log.
*In the partner management there is now a graphical representation of the partner relationships, which can also be used with the mouse
for navigation.
*A new system for managing system events has been introduced. These system events can be searched and displayed from the client
and replace the System Activity Log. The system events can also be searched for free text and are stored in the file system - so
they are independent of the database.
*The poll process for the directories was changed to nonblockin IO (NIO) - this should lead to less system load.
*The format of the log files has been changed. They are now searchable in the client for the transfer number, the session id and the user-defined
processing number. As long as the log files have not been deleted manually, transfer logs are available - independent of the database.
The test keys key1 and key2 were replaced in the initial configuration by the new test keys key3 and key4, which have already been delivered as additional keys in all versions for one year. key and key2 will expire on 08/2019.
*Java 11 is now a system requirement
*The mendelson test keys "key3" and "key4" are now the initial configuration for the mendelson OFTP2 - the old keys "key1" and "key2" will expire in 08/2019.
"key3" and "key4" have been delivered for some time and should be also in your keystore if you are updating without deleting the keystores
*The setup for creating the data sheet has been reworked

*In the dialog for manual sending, the partners were not sorted alphabetically.
*The incoming check for a valid virtual file name (which is stored for the partner) took place for the session partner.
The test value must be taken from the transaction partner. However, you only noticed this when routing was used
and a white list for virtual file names was stored for the partner.
*It came under unfavorable circumstances to the sending of many notification mails (notification mail flooding). The notification process
is now detached from the processing, you can set the maximum number of notifications per minute in the preferences. The notification process
summarizes the system events into one notification message if required.
*The Poll Manager for directories fetched the files in the partner's poll directory in any order - but actually they have to be fetched in
the order of their age.
*The temporary directory was not deleted in previous versions - it is now also cleaned up as part of the system maintenance process.

3rd party software updates and additions:
*Update to HSQLDB 2.41 (integrated database system)
*Update to Bouncycastle v160 (Crypto API)
*Update to MINA 2.0.17 (async io framework)
*Lucene 7.5.0 added (text indexing and search)
*jgraphx 3.9.12 added (partner graph)

Please download your copy at

Thank you all for your feedback and your help

Your mendelson dev team