Open AS2 Software Evaluation

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We are searching for a replacement of our current AS2 software, Extol ESX (CLEO is ending support 1/31/2019) and I'm researching Open AS2 options and it appears that there are two options:
1. Open AS2
2. Mendelson

If you are familiar with either of these, can they:
Allow for multiple TPs of 80 + and growing?
High volume of 9000 transactions per day?
Support the latest encryption and algorithms supplied in TLS 1.2 plus are backwards compatible to TLS 1.0 and 1.1?
How is the community support and responsiveness?
How often are there new releases?
Will the program continue to be developed and support by the community long-term?
Will it disappear after the developer graduates?
6. Points of interest are as follows:
a. Interface with our EDI package
i. We’re using CLEO Clarify
ii. Import of Partnerships from your software into Clarify
b. Compare options and visuals.
c. Ease of use
d. Error messaging and debugging of communication issues
e. Dashboard and reporting
f. Drummond certification
g. Software response time
h. Language used to develop the software
i. Version and level
i. History of bugs

Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer.



1. Mendelson as2 is better than open as2. I compared these 2 solutions before.
2. You should evaluate commercial as2 solution to fulfill your requirement.