Upgraded opensource AS2 1.1 build 49 to build 53 - now not communicating with some partners


We've been using build 49 for quite a while with hardly any problems, other than it giving an out of memory error: java heap space, and locking up a couple of times a year.

The AS2 is running on windows 10, java 64 bit. the heap sized increased to 4 gigs. We keep only 50 days worth of messages, sometimes we need to go that far back for reference.

The AS2 crashed again with the same memory error, so I upgraded to build 53.

I copied the Mendelson folder and renamed it, then upgraded build 53 over Mendelson.

During the upgrade, when it asked to overwrite I said no. The upgrade seamed to go flawlessly, and we were up and running. All partners were communicating.

Then a few hours later, two of our trading partners couldn't communicate with us. They said they sent transmissions, but our AS2 didn't reply back, and our AS2 didn't show those transmission coming in.

I looked through their setup and everything was correct. I asked them to send tests as I watched, they sent tests, but our AS2 didn't show anything coming over.

All our other partners were sending transmission with no problems. Just those two partners, who we were communication with before the upgrade, stopped working.

After not finding anything wrong with their setup. I renamed the build 53, renamed the build 49 back, and now we're back up and running with no problem, or at least until that next memory problem crashes the AS2 and I have to drop down the last backup.

Has anyone else had the same problem with either the out of memory error on build 49, or the same scenario with upgrading from build 49 to build 53 and losing communication with partners hours later, and if so, if you resolved the problem, how did you do it?

Thanks for any info,





Thanks for responding.

I didn’t try wireshark.

We’re on a tight time-frame with some of our trading partners. After installing build 53, and everything was working as it should, I stopped watching it and jumped on other work. It wasn’t until the next day that the two partners informed us of not being able to communicate with us.

I checked the setup making sure they were still setup as they should be, which they were, then I checked to see if there was something setup different with them then all our other partners, there wasn’t. so with all the orders piled up and us being close to not fulfilling our contract on timed shipments, I had no choice but to drop down the old build 49 from the back-up and have us back up and running.

So my original questions still stand:

If anyone knows how to resolve the issue with build 49 as described above
If anyone knows the answer to what happened to us on build 53 (I can’t reinstall it unless I know I can do some tweaks that will fix it in a few minutes to get it up and running)

I would appreciate what you did to fix yours.

As it stands we’ll have to stay with build 49 and get ready to drop the latest back when it crashes.

Thanks for solutions anyone might have,