SSL Client auth handshaking issue


I have been unable to work out this issue with my remote partner which require client auth.

I have installed and used SSL cert/keys with both client and server auth enabled and there is no problem receiving from my partner but when I send out I get the following message:

[Connection test to XXXX] Connection to XXXX established successfully
[Sep 13, 2018 1:32:22 PM] [Connection test to XXXX ] The found protocol is "NONE", this is not a secured connection. You tried to connect via SSL/TLS to this address but this is not provided by the remote server at this address and port.
[Sep 13, 2018 1:32:22 PM] [Connection test to XXXX ] Either there is a plain connection expected by your partner, your partner uses the wrong protocol or client authentication is required.

Attached is the configuration file jetty.xml that I am using. I am using AS2 1.1. build 53.
Appreciate if you could point to me where I went wrong.



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