EERP response in the same session

We have a partner that said that our EERP response are not being sent in the same session, and it causes an error in their side. Is it possible to configure the EERP in the same session?



I was checking the code, and I see that usually, the system open an outbound connection to send messages. When we set to do not connect to the partner, when the partner send the second file the system is able to send the first eerp and also the current one in the same partner session. So it seems that in the normal way, the system always open a outbound connection to send eerp. Is it possible in a new version try to send in the same connection and if it's not possible open the outbound? As the system works like this when the option to not connect to the partner is set, seems that is a simple change to let the system try to use the same session. Anyway, I don't know how many other software have this need to receive in the same session, and I know that as Community user you won't change it to me only, but if the oftp2 is able to seize the same session, maybe it can be a smart upgrade.

Thank you for all help!