mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b53 released

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Hello all,

we released a new version of the mendelson AS2 community edition. These are the release notes:

*If multiple payloads were received, only the first one was displayed in the client. Now there is a separate tab for each payload where the transfer files can be viewed.
*Support of EC certificates for data encryption and digital signature (RFC 5753)
*The certificate manager now allows the creation of Elliptic Curve keys
*When generating keys, SAN (subject added name) can now also be specified, these are then transferred directly to the CSR generation (pkcs#10) and passed on to the CA accordingly. Some partners require special values here.
*The system now finds out if externally referenced certificates or keys are missing in the internal keystores due to manual intervention and indicates this.
*RSASSA-PSS signature scheme support, the setup could be found in the security settings
*Support of RSAES_OAEP (AES-128, AES-192, AES-256) for data encryption
*Changes in the names of internal tables and SQL scripts for MYSQL compatibility
*More information is now displayed during the connection test
*In the certificate manager you can now hide not only the root certificates but also the Intermediate certificates, which increases the overview.
*Via "File-HTTP Server Information" it is now possible to display detailed information about the configuration of the underlying HTTP server, including ciphers and supported protocol versions, ports to which obeying is performed, etc.
*Two new test keys have been delivered:"key3" and "key4" - the previously used keys "key1" and "key2" will expire in 2019.

*If you sent a file via the dialog for manual sending, the original file name was not used.
*There were import problems in the certificate manager when pkcs#7 (. p7b) certificate files were encoded with PEM
*The outbound queue for sending stopped under seldom circumstances

Please download your copy at

Thank you all for your feedback and your help

Your mendelson dev team