Exporting partner settings

Dear all,

First of all congratulations for this fine piece of software. Really useful.
Is there a way to export or saving partner settings ? Are these settings (like Pmode settings) stored somewere, like an xml file?

Thank you!




thank you.
The PModes are stores in the database, why would you like to export them? For documentation reason?


Thank you for answering.
The problem is that, when i click on "Partner" button, nothing happens anymore (the partner form is not showing). I want to save the Pmode already setted and reinstall the software, then recreate the configuration. Am i doing something wrong? how can i fix this issue?


Oh, if you don't mind you could send us the config database zipped, these are all AS4_DB_config* files. It might be an issue that is already fixed in the commercial version but we would like to ensure what happens there?

Please send it to service@mendelson.de