Jetty9 access denied


I have installed this on Friday, first run went fine, then I had to re-login, after which I always get "\mendelson\opensource\as2\jetty9 (Access is denied)".
I tried to remove these files, install again, install on top of the files, run with administrative rights, give full control to all users, including guests. Nothing helps. What could cause this?

I also tried to google for it or look through this forum, but nobody seems to have such problem.



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where do you try to login? Could you please give more details?



Into the computer, just meant that first run was just fine, then had to log off (turn off) the computer and later on, tried to launch it again and up to now I get this message. Is that enough?


Some proof on the access for the folder, despite that I'm running it as an admin. As mentioned previously, re-installing it doesn't change a thing.


I have reproduced it on several computers now.
The thing is, every time I set correct path to jetty9 for the keystore, I get this error. Moving everything into different folder solves this. Changing keystore path to point to the new jetty9 location resuls in the very same problem again (File -> Preferences -> Security -> Keystore (https send)).

Anyway, has this product been tested with Windows since very first release?
We have faced another issue. When there's message incoming, I simply get error:
AS2ServerProcessing: [] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

Oh, the stack! Only if I knew what was wrong... Ok, took the source out and found out that the problem is 95th line in, which appends IPv6 IP (that has colon in it) to the file name. Meaning that Windows won't create such file, thus the file does not even exist when reading. The thing is, the very same problem was in 39th version, which I have found via google. Is this gonna be fixed anytime soon?