Session terminated [COMPANY-PARTNER] ("Resource not available", internal code 8)

Dear Support,

As the certificate expires, I changed our local private key certificate and provided to partner.

When I try to send a file to partner, I encountered the following error
Session terminated [OUR COMPANY-PARTNER] ("Resource not available", internal code 8)

So, I have three questions to know the answer,thanks.
1.What is the meaning of internal code 8?
2.How does it happen?
3.How to fix it?




This could happen on your or on your partners side. If the message comes with an ESID from your partner its a message on your partners side and you have to ask him for the reason.
Or is it generated on your side?



the file is generated on our side and i think the message was generated on our side too.


please enable at least the Protocol messages with content in the log to get the required information - what you posted is top level, no idea who sent what?