Understanding on mendelson as2 behaviour




I have some questions regarding your post because I do not understand it:

[quote=adi1000]Before doing that i want to validate my certificates using mendelson AS2.
What do you mean by "validating a certificate using mendelson AS2"?

I created a partner A and another partner B. B is set local which means i have option only to provide private key in B.Now in A i provided key for encryption as public key and signing as private key.
Only the local station could have private keys assigned. You are always signing using your local stations private key and decrypting using your local stations private key.

I could see green bar with communication possible.
What do you mean by this? Where do you see a green bar? Do you mean a finished transaction where everything worked fine - means decryption and signature was fine? Then everything is ok?

But drawback i see is ideally signing certificate by private key at point A and private key uploaded at point B doesnot confirm me if signing will be decrypted by public key or not.Moreover i habe no option to specify public key if i make B as local.[/quote]
Could you please explain this part more detailled? "signing will be decrypted" makes no sense in my understanding but perhaps you mean another issue?