Configuration issue - assign min 4 cores


I'm new in using OFTP2 software and my english is not excellently ;-)

I've got the configuration issue "Assign min 4 CPU cores to the server process (2)". Is it really needed to install OFTP2 on a machine with at least 4 cores? I can't believe it... What do the software need so much power for?

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we encountered it a lot in the past that production software is set up either on very old machines or on very slow virtual machines with a single core. To work fluid this is not the right configuration and this is why we added this warning (btw even the current mobile processors have > 4 cores...)



Thanks a lot for your quickly answer,

If I correct understand it's only a warning and the software will probably function properly. We have only one connection and so I think the performance is not a problem.

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