lib missing in mendelson AS4 b21

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If you try to send xml data via the mendelson AS4 the following problem occurs:

[Order processor] Error during message generation: [java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError]: org/apache/oro/text/perl/Perl5Util
[Order processor] A problem occured during outbound order processing: [org/apache/oro/text/perl/Perl5Util]

The reason is that the jakarta oro package is missing in the classpath. Please perform the following steps:

*Download the file jakarta-oro.jar from
*Copy it to the jlib directory of the mendelson AS4
*For non-windows systems thats it, for windows systems please edit the file AS4.lax found in the AS4 installation directory and modify the classpath variable lax.class.path to include this lib in the classpath.