mendelson opensource AS4 1.0 b21 released

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Hi all,

A new version of the mendelson AS4 (community edition) has been released.

You could download your version at The mendelson opensource AS4 (gpl) is hostet at sourceforge.

This version includes several changes performed in ENTSOG and e-SENS compatibility tests.
Several minor changes are not displayed here. An update to this version is recommended

Modifications and changes:
*Automatic determination of MIME type for sent UserMessage
- stored in ContentType part property of the SOAP
for outbound UserMessages

*Support for RSA 1.5 key transportation even if this is
deprecated and not secure (only inbound, compatibility issue)
- shows a warning in the log

*Support for multiple payloads

*Display of the message structure in the user interface, also
multiple payload tabs if there was more than one payload

*Several usage profile specific checks have been reworked

*Compatibility issue: the decryption failed if the referred
certificate should be identified by the Subject Key Identifier

*A Nullpointer occured in a payload that was compressed and the
compression failed. This results in returning a EBMS:0004 instead
of a EBMS:0303

*Access to all message properties in the partner events

*Access to all payload filenames in the partner events

*Several changes in the internal runtime database structure
- please delete all transactions that are still in the system
before upgrading to this version. If you missed this and receive
weird database message please delete the runtime database
(rm/del AS4_DB_RUNTIME.*)
- the system will recreate it if you start the mendelson AS4

*Added support for full SOAP encryption (Warning: most AS4 products
do not support this)

3rd party software updates:

*Update to wss4j 2.1.7 (web service security)
*Update to mina 2.0.14

Thank you all for your feedback and your help

Your mendelson dev team