OFTP2 Installed, Configured. Next step?

We are using the licensed version of oftp2 on CentOS 5.11. I've gotten past all of the initial setup problems, have added our valid certs to the keystore, and our partner to the database.

Both the client and the server are running under tmux.

If I understand it correctly, our client should be connecting to our partner and retrieving the test files they have waiting for us but I see no indication whatsoever that it is doing so. tcpdump to watch all traffic going to our partner's server shows no traffic at all, not even connection attempts that are refused.

If this isn't an automatic process how do I use the command line api to initiate a transfer?

I've not had any success with e-mailing service@ so I'm coming here in hopes someone else running this on linux might be able to help.

Jeff Ross
CargoTel, Inc.