Configuration file import from build 29 to build 33 results in error

Env: Linux
Current ver.: mendelson opensource OFTP2 1.0 build 29
Upcoming ver: mendelson opensource OFTP2 1.0 build 33

New b33 installed into a separate directory (to keep b29 still intact).
In b29 created configuration file, then b29 temporarily closed (to avoid conflict in routings). New b33 started properly.
When trying use the backup config file created in b29 to new b33, application rise up an exception message complaining about conf file invalid structure (mandatory node mentioned as missing in the file).

Is it a known issue? Any hint to get it work?
Many thanks.



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import-export works only for the same version. To update just overwrite the files and copy the runtime/config database to the new installation. There is a readme file included that dscribes which additional files to copy.