mendelson opensource OFTP2 1.0 b33 released

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*The "New partner" wizard has been extended to enter SSID and SFID - if both values are different an additional gateway partner will be created automatically
*The "Certificate import" function recognizes automatically if a given certificate is zipped
*Icons and buttons have been reworked
*Certificate Manager: The display of the trust chain has been implemented
*Logging: The log messages contain a direction now [inbound/outbound]
*It's possible to resend multiple transactions in the client now (as new transactions, via context menu in the client). If you select to resend a single transaction a manual send dialog is displayed and you could edit the settings. If you select multiple transactions the stored values of the transaction are taken and just the virtual time/date is recreated. Resend is possible for outbound transactions only.
*The configuration check has been extended: It checks now for min 4CPU cores and heap memory of min 1GB and will display a configuration problem if this is not fulfilled
*A "Toggle refresh" button has been added. This stops the automatic refresh of the transactions and also the log output
*It's possible to cancel transmissions now (via context menu in the client). You could cancel outbound transactions as long as there is no data transfered or the transaction is in data transfer state.

*It was possible to import two different certificates with the same alias.
*Partner management: The "Get certificate" function was in an endless loop under some circumstances
*Certificate Manager: The p7b export function did not export the whole trust chain
*A directory poll of 0s was possible - but the result of this setting was 100% CPU and high file IO. Now the min value is 1s even if you enter 0s. We recommend 30s as min value! The default poll value for new partners has been set from 10 to 30.
*If you imported a key via the "PEM import" function to a JKS keystore the keypasswort has been always set to the PEM key passwort. This was wrong as the software expects a key password that is the same as the keystore password. The result was the error message "cannot recover key" if you tried to establish an outbound TLS connection.

3rd party software updates:
*Update to BC 1.53 (crypto API, see
*Update to HSQLDB 2.3.3 (database engine)
*Database connection pooling: Update to commons Pool 2.2.3 and commons dbcp 2.1.1

Please have a look at the included "readme.txt" file for a (really short) basic documentation.

Thank you all for your feedback and your help

Your mendelson dev team