Is it correct that encrypted files are always unstructured?

I read the specification in "5.3.3. SFID - Start File" that it should possible to set the record format for encrypted files. Why does Mendelson OFTP2 allow only unstructured? Or do I misread the specification?

SFIDFMT last sentence:
"SFID File Format Field in this scenario indicates the format of the original file, and the transmitted file must be treated as U format."
Handle it as U til it is decrypted. Then use the record format as it is set.

SFIDLRECL last paragraph:
"If SFIDFMT is ’V’ and the file is compressed, encrypted, or signed, then the maximum value of SFIDRECL is ’65536’."
This implies you can set record format to V for an encrypted file.



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Stefan M.,

you could modify/add directory polls for every partner, there you could set up the record format. "U" is just the default value for the poll if you set up a new partner.