Upgrade from v1.1 b53 to 1.1 b57


I just tried to update Mendelsohn openAS2 from version 1.1 build 53 to build 57 (current release).
The installer works fine but the application does not start after the upgrade finished.

Before the installer has been started, the folder "jlib" has been deleted.
During the update I selected "no" to keep my certificate file settings.

Then I reverted the snapshot and tried to overwrite the certificate file without success.

So ... is there any possibility to log why the app does not start?

Thanks in advance and best regards, Christoph




please edit the file AS2.lax and set the two variables


Then there should be some information of what happened in the file mylog.txt


Hi service,

thanks for the reply.
I changed the values in the AS2.lax but after trying to start the app, no log file is created at all.

Do you got any other idea what I can check?

Thanks in advance and best regards, Christoph


weird, there should be a log. Perhaps you could perform a clean installation on a new machine and copy the database files to it.


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