How to get the information from database?

Good day everyone. Does anybody can get the information about send or received files from database of mendelson AS2? I try to get some information but I dont know where look for it. I know how to connect to database via console and done enter of one comand: SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES;
The question is, where can I find the information about files in base?




I do it by console something like that:
java -jar $SQL_TOOL --rcFile=as2M_sqltool.rc --sql "select AS2IDENT,PARTNERNAME,URL from "PUBLIC"."PARTNER";" as2DBCONF
cat as2M_sqltool.rc
s is for a hsqldb Server running with default settings on your local
# computer (and for which you have not changed the password for "SA").
urlid as2DBCONF
url jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://hostname:3333/config
username sa
password as2dbadmin
Mendelson has two databases so you can connect to "url jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://hostname:3333/config" or "url jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://hostname:3333/runtime"
the "config" DB stores information about settins of your application and "runtime" - about partners, messages, logs,
Also you can connect to DB via hsql using GUI.

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