Unable to parse the inbound OFTP2 command ESID

Hello, I'm trying to configure OFTP2 connection with 2 of our clients. Unfortunatly in both cases I have this same error at the end of transmission (in attached file). Maybe someone has this same issues with it and can provide me some solution in this matter.
When I'm testing connection to our partners (Routing - test connection) everything seems to be ok, but when I'm trying to send test data this error appears, it dosesn't working in both directions. All clients and our ceriticates are installed.
Mendelson software - bulid 37
Please Help




the ESID command you received is not an OFTP2 command, it's an OFTP1 ESID. There exists a OFTP2 system that falls back into OFTP1 in error case and performs a protocol violation doing so, your partner seems to use it. To get more information about what your partners system tries to tell you please refer to the OFTP1 RFC and have a look at the ESID command.

But in my option the error message displayed by the mendelson OFTP2 and also included in your attached log file descibes the problem very detailled?

"This is not a problem of your mendelson OFTP2 system. It is a protocol violation performed by your partners OFTP2 system. It looks as if your partner is using a OFTP 1.x system or falls back to the OFTP1 protocol in an error case. If this problem happens during the connection attempt please check if you have transmitted the right connection password. Please also check your secure authentication challenge settings. Please also contact your partner to clarify this issue. (Hexdump: 10 00 00 07 46 30 33)"



please find attached the structures of the ESID commands in OFTP1 and OFTP2. The hex data your partner sent is "10 00 00 07 46 30 33".

As the first 4 bytes are just the stream transmission header the interesting part are the last 3 bytes, this is HEX "46 30 33", in ASCII: "F03". If you match this to the OFTP1 command as attached:


The reason code "03" means:

'03' User code not known

A Start Session (SSID) command contains an unknown or
invalid Identification Code.


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