Need more info - Access via API in Community Edition

Hello Mendelson,

We were going through comparison between Community and Comercial version of AS2 server at
But we don't see any documentation about "Access via API" except being mentioned on the comparison page.
Is it possible for you to provide clear specification of what exactly is available or not available via API?

I believe it will help us and others in better understanding the fucntionality that can be availed via API, so that we can evaluate pros and cons with community addition and can put convincing reasons to management to buy commercial edition of AS2 server.

We are looking forward to your reply.




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I mistakenly wrote subject as "Need more info - Access via API in Community Edition", but intended to write as "Need more info - Access via API in Commercial Edition".


there are two different APIs available:

*Java API: Create your own AS2 application or send AS2/receive messages from your own java application by using the mendelson AS2 as java lib
*XML API: Communicate and control a running mendelson AS2 server by sending/receiving XML objects to it


Dear Service,

We need more info about XML API.
Please answer the below queries for us:

1. Is it possible to deliver the message payload eg xml directly to AS2 server via XML API instead of putting it in poll message directory of partner?
2. Incase of ASYN MDN, is it possible to get the status of the MDN received via XML API?



1. Yes, this is possible and allows additional parameters: You could control the subject and add an additional unique identification where you could track the transaction with if you poll the system for the transaction state

2. Yes, this is possible. You could either poll the system (see 1) and have a look for the passed unique id to the order or you could add an event after MDN receipt to call a script in the system itself.